by Algea

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100% DIY


released May 20, 2016

Produced & recorded by Algea
Mixed & mastered by Robin Reuer



all rights reserved


Algea Stuttgart, Germany

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Track Name: Gaia
Morals cursed with the seal of shame
Loss of heart and decency
Once the blind eye learns to see
The damnation
of a self-fulfilling prophecy

We're all born into caskets
Think inside a box, die in one
Filth to filth, dust to dust
Sing along the doomsday song

No solution
To this endless grudge
Mimic the coward
And let death be our judge

Beloved Gaia
Claim my throne
Consume my flesh and bone
Take me home
Track Name: XIII
Death is inevitable
We are dead
We are more than evitable
There is an end
Called our death
Death is a dead end
Life long
We live in dead ends

We're just not dead yet
Our death will end this
End this dead end that we are
Death is inevitable
Track Name: Debt
The fucking irony
That chasing dreams
Means chasing sleep
And that I am
My own worst ghost
Clawing at my sleep
Sick of being something
Wanting to be someone

The doubt's vice grip
Withering an every oak
The doubt's vice grip
Like a hand around my throat

Straight counting
Every breath
Since I am
Deep in debt with death

A ghost of something
Always longing
To be more
Than just a simple
Backwards walking
Beggar in disguise
This will be
The end of me

Deep in debt with death
Track Name: Rest
Put me under your spell
Make the rabbit hole go deep
Lure me into silent sleep
Sedate me

Staring, empty marbles without shine
Sink your fangs into my skin
Make me tremble from the cold
Just ruin me

Love is nothing but a phantom pain
A missing limb my body is aching for

Like catching smoke with my bare hands
You're slipping right through my grasp
Mark me, show me show me that it's real
Make it hurt

Love is nothing but a phantom pain
A missing limb my body is aching for
Chasing ghosts is what I do the best
Let me rest, let me rest.

Let me rest.